Heather Sheppard Lunn

Board Member
Heather Sheppard Lunn is a graduate of Hanover High School. After graduating from Washington & Lee University with a double major in history and art history, she attended Southern Methodist University's Graduate program attaining her M.A with Honors with her thesis "Untangling Ariadne's Thread: The use of the myth of Ariadne in Fifth century Athens". While living in Dallas, Texas, Heather taught at Eastfield Community College and at Woodrow Wilson High School. She also volunteered with Treasure Street, the largest fundraising event for Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital for 3 years.
Upon returning to Hanover, Heather assisted her sister co-operating the Sheppard Mansion Bed & Breakfast & its 5 Star Restaurant. She started a new business of selling her family's Scotch Highland grassfed Beef at the Gettysburg Farm Fresh Market. Seeing the demand for local foods, but producers finding they had no time to both grow and market their products, Heather opened the Carriage House Market behind the Sheppard Mansion in 2010. Offering products from the Restaurant and from local growers and producers, the Carriage House provided customers with quality local items and small growers with an outlet for their amazing goods.
After 18 years of running a business on the property, the sisters decided to close its doors to the public in December 2016.
Heather continues to manage the Highland Cattle operation other production, and tenant properties on her families' farm. She is also the Vice President of her PTO.
When she's not running her 3 daughters to horseback riding lessons, PATABS, or school, Heather spends time with her husband of 15 years, John-Paul. They love their amazingly different daughters, their farm, all their various animals and the joy that life brings them together.
Heather has a blast working with the Vault Theater Company, putting together unique events that encourage the community to get involved and experience something new!